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Senior Year Footwear Studio

AurorShoe copy 2: Image


Design a shoe for a specific use

Inspired by J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World from the Harry Potter series, based on a character.  Gave me a chance to dive deeper into a world I love.

The Auror Department is a department in the Ministry of Magic comprised of highly accomplished witches and wizards.  Aurors are the wizarding law enforcement, lending them to be an interesting subject for footwear design.

Similar to the non-magic law keepers, "muggle police," aurors would be required to be equally prepared for both desk work and high speed chases, regardless of the frequency.  The key difference is that in an auror's case, magic  would be involved, adding an aspect of unpredictability.

As for the days where chase is not goven and  paperwork is the largest threat of the day, a reliable pair of shoes is equally important to prevent aches caused by standing on a stone floor all day.

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AurorShoeP1and2and DAYINTHELIFE.jpg
AurorShoe copy 2: Image
AurorShoe copy 2: Image
AurorShoe copy 2: Image
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